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November    Cucurbitaceae 2018
  Date: 12 – 16
  University of California Davis, United States of America
  ISTA Quality Assurance Workshop for Advanced Laboratories
  Date: 14 - 16
  Location: Montevideo, Uruguay
  APSA Congress
  Date: 12 - 16
  Location: Manila, Phillippines
  ISTA SHC Workshop: Seed Health Methods using PCR, ELISA, dilution plating and indexing methods
  Date: 20 - 23
  Location: Bangalore, India
  ISTA ATC Workshop on Seed Image Analysis
  Date: 26 - 30
  Location: Piracicaba, Brazil
 December ASTA Seed Expo
  Date: 3 - 7
  Location: Chicago, United States of America
 June  32nd ISTA Congress
  Date: 26 - 03
  Location: Hyderabad, India    

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