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Opening the Rules PDFs

Q: When I open a Rules PDF in the Mozilla Firefox web browser, there are different texts on top of each other, and I can't read anything. How can I stop this happening?
A: There is a problem with the built-in PDF reader in Mozilla Firefox. This needs to be disabled so that Adobe Acrobat Reader can be used instead. Alternatively, download and save the file and open it using Acrobat Reader.

Getting access to publications (activating subscriptions)

Q: When I try to activate a personal subscription, I am asked to sign in. But I'm already signed in! What is going on?
A: You are signed in under an institutional account. Only users with a personal account can activate personal subscriptions.

Q: I'm signed in under an institutional account, but I can't see how to activate an institutional subscription.
A: Only institutional account administrators can activate institutional subscriptions for multiple-user access. Please contact your account administrator, e.g. your Laboratory Representative.


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