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Reporting In-Round Results

Shortly after the deadline for reporting the analysis results, heterogeneity results are published on the ISTA website. Participants are notified by email that the heterogeneity results have been published. The results represent the mean of the ten results obtained by the PT leader when testing the seed lots for heterogeneity. Pictures of other seed inclusions and seedlings may also be provided.
The laboratory will receive a report sheet for each test component with graphical print-outs of the computer programme, together with the in-round rating for that particular round. The laboratory will receive provisional results, printed on blue paper. The laboratory is requested to check that the transcriptions of the provisional test results are correct. In case of any transcription errors, the laboratory shall notify the Secretariat within four weeks after receipt of the results.

Reporting Overall Rating

On the report sheets, the overall rating for each test will also be indicated. A laboratory that is given an overall C will receive an alert as the laboratory runs the risk of receiving an overall BMP if the level of performance does not increase. A laboratory that is scored with an overall BMP will be suspended from accreditation for that test, subject to the regulations of the Association.

Corrective Action

Based on the performance reported on the report sheet, the laboratory is expected to use all the information provided and carry out self initiated investigations and developing a corrective action plan to remedy any discovered problems. This action plan could include a request for help from the Secretariat or the test leader. The corrective action taken will be assessed by the ISTA auditors at the time of the next audit or earlier if deemed necessary.

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