Bulking and Sampling Committee        
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Chair Eddie Goldschagg
Vice Leena Pietilä
Member Lotta Claesson
Maria Duter
Gerry Hall
David Johnston
Steve Jones
Michael Kruse
Dot Vittrup Pedersen
José Mauricio Pereira
Mable M. Simwanza
Jean-Claude Stephan
Ad Toussaint
Ignacio Aranciaga
The Bulking and Sampling Committee is primarily responsible for the updating of Chapter 2 of the ISTA Rules. Upcoming new sampling technology, increasing scientific knowledge about uniformity of seed lots and ongoing changes in quality assurance systems in seed companies and in seed certification systems are requesting an ongoing adaptation and improvement of seed sampling rules.
Sampling is the connecting point between the seed testing laboratory, the seed company and the seed certification agency and has to consider scientific and commercial aspects as well as regulatory requirements. Therefore, the Committee has a broad personal basis in all these areas and is a plenum for a fruitful exchange of experience and for decision making for the benefit of representative seed sampling and reliable test results.
Updated 04.02.2009


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