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Chair Rita Zecchinelli
Vice Sharon Davidson
Member Rachael Davies
Meriam Dekalo-Keren
Alice Di Sacco
Sylvie Ducournau
Kumiko Jinno
Jorge Juan Vicedo
Stefanie Krämer
Maria Marin
Lucéle Pretorius
Zita Ripka
Soo Young
     The aims of the Flower Seed Testing Committee are: 

         1. To prepare and publish new method sheets for the ISTA Handbook on Flower Seed Testing, making it more and more comprehensive, with the final aim to clarify laboratory seed knowledge and seed testing methods listed in the ISTA Rules in Table 5A Part 3.  
         2. To provide and introduce laboratory seed testing methods for new species which are tested in the laboratories, but which are not yet included in the ISTA Rules. 
         3. To improve the methods in the ISTA Rules for flower seed sampling and testing.  
         4. To provide guidelines for the analysis of flower seeds, also belonging to the wild species.
         5. To represent the main reference for all stakeholders interested in flower seed testing, and to provide analysts with practical information about flower seed testing by organizing workshops, or just by being available in the everyday work. 

     After a long and hard work carried out by the FSC, in 2008 the first edition of the ISTA Handbook on Flower Seed Testing was published. A first supplement was distributed in 2010 and new sheets are ready to be published in the next future. The handbook represents the main product of the committee’s works, aimed to provide a useful guide for laboratories testing flower seeds. The work is still going on, in order to include more and more flower species, as well as herbs, spices and medicinal species.
     Flower species are characterized by their mainly ornamental use, and by the fast-changing trends in the flower seed market. New varieties and hybrids are often created and introduced, and even new species may become relevant very quickly. In recent years, there has been an increasing interest for wild flower species and the committee intends to expand its scope to those species. 
     The ISTA Rules already includes tables with species of flowers, herbs, spices and medicinal plants. These specific tables are included in Chapter 2 (Sampling) and Chapter 5 (Germination). The Rules cover 352 flower species from 192 genera and 55 botanical families, both monocotyledons (5 families with only 6 genera and 7 species) and dicotyledons (50 families with 186 genera and 345 species). Nevertheless, there may be interest in adding new species. If you have any new species to propose, please don’t hesitate to contact the FSC! 
     Nowadays, flower species are included in the scope of ISTA accreditation of more than fifty ISTA laboratories. The FSC is happy to help other laboratories wishing to include flowers in their scope. In the framework of accreditation, the FSC organizes together with the Proficiency Test Committee at least one   Proficiency Test round in each three-year period. 
     The ISTA Flower Seed Testing Committee is ready to help the ISTA laboratories testing flower species and to continue the work aimed at improving the ISTA seed testing methods for this large and beautiful group of species.

Updated 16.01.2017 (AM)


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