Forest Tree and Shrub Seed Committee        
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Chair Fabio Gorian
Vice Elisa Vieira
Member Lena Bezděčková
Valerie Blouin
Marija Gradecki-Postenjak
Dave Kolotelo
Isolde Dorothea Kossmann Ferraz
Czeslaw Koziol
Stefanie Krämer
Beti Piotto
Hugh W. Pritchard
Heidi Røsok Bye
Dale Simpson
Edoardo Vincenti
Chandrashekara Vokkaliga Devegowda
      Members of the FTS Committee deal with tree seed testing and with many other related research activities, such as storage, presowing treatment (stratification) and seed-borne diseases.
      Currently, the FTS members come mostly from Europe, North and South America. Seed analysts and scientists from Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand are warmly welcome. In the southern hemisphere, and especially in the tropics, there are many tree and shrub species for which methods are needed for the evaluation of seed quality, for seed storage, for breaking dormancy and for maximising germination. Activities of the FTS Committee are focused first of all on the development of test methods that can be introduced into the ISTA Rules and be applied to species used in international trade.
      Some of the most important tasks are:
  • Generation of information that will contribute to a revision of current methods, and to the introduction of new methods and species into the ISTA Rules
  • Elaboration of procedures for proficiency testing of forest tree and shrub seeds in order to have at least one proficiency test each triennium
  • Organization of workshops and meetings dealing exclusively with methods for quality evaluation of tree and shrub seeds
  • The revision of the Tree seed handbook
  • The establishment of the ISTA-OECD joint project dealing with an eHandbook on tree and shrub with data and images
      FTS ISTA Committee is not a group working on a specific seed analysis but it needs to share knowledge and technics with other committees, especially Sampling, Purity, Germination, Tetrazolium, Moisture, and Rules.

      The FTS committee is interested in receiving suggestions from you.

Updated 08.02.2017 (AM)


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