Nomenclature Committee        
  Activity Reports   Working Programme
Chair John H. Wiersema
Vice Ernest Leonard Allen
Member Susan Alvarez
Bernard Baum
Michel Chauvet
Axel Diederichsen
Karl Hammer
Wilbert L. A. Hetterscheid
Marco Hoffman
Klaus Pistrick
Melanie Schori
Tamara N. Smekalova
Kees van Ettekoven
The Nomenclature Committee provides a forum to resolve matters relating to the scientific and common names of plants important both as intended and unintended components of commercial seed.  Decisions regarding the proper spelling, application, authorship, and taxonomic classification of names for crops and weeds are reflected in products like the ISTA List of Stabilized Plant Names and the Multilingual Glossary of Common Plant Names, both of which are the result of Committee activity. A new edition of the Stabilized List was completed in 2013 and is now available. A multilingual glossary of common names for crop plants will be the next major focus of the Committee.
Updated 2014-02-14


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