Rules Committee        
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Chair Ernest Leonard Allen
Vice Susan Alvarez
Member Randy Crowl
Gerarda de Boer - Raatgever
Didier Demilly
Sylvie Ducournau
Eddie Goldschagg
Fabio Gorian
Valerie Grimault
Fiona Hay
Desirae Jones
Steve Jones
Stefanie Krämer
Jean-Louis Laffont
Attilio Lovato
Enrico Noli
Jette Nydam
Alison A. Powell
Hugh W. Pritchard
Bert van Duijn
Ana Laura Vicario
John H. Wiersema
Rita Zecchinelli

The Rules Committee is made up of the:
  • Chairs of the Technical Committees (TCOMs)
  • Chair of the SST Editorial Board
  • Honorary President
  • Chairs of the AOSA/SCST Rules Committee

The main responsibility of the ISTA Rules Committee is to update and maintain the ISTA Rules.
One of the main tasks is to work with the Publications Unit and the TCOM Coordinator of ISTA to produce the annual Rules proposal document which collates any rules proposals from the Technical Committees.
The Committee also decides whether the proposals are technically sound and discusses any issues, especially when proposals affect more than one Technical Committee.
The Committee votes on the proposals and makes a recommendation to the Executive Committee for their approval and submission of the proposal document for voting by the designated voting members at the annual meeting.
The Chair of the Rules Committee presents the Rules proposals during the annual voting meetings to the ISTA Membership and the voting members.

Updated 21.12.2016 (AM)


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