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Chair Alison A. Powell
Vice Brigitte Hamman
Member Birte Boelt
Laura Bowden
Françoise Corbineau
Fiona Hay
Stan Matthews
Alan Taylor
Jane Thomas
Ex officio Joël Léchappé

      The Seed Science Advisory Group (SSAG) was formed in April 2015, as a new ISTA initiative to further strengthen its role in seed science, which is a key component of ISTA’s work. One of the aims of the ISTA strategy is to ‘strengthen scientific work within ISTA’, which can be achieved by identifying scientific developments with the potential for application in seed testing and initiating co-ordinated development within ISTA laboratories (ISTA Strategy, 2013-2016). The establishment of the SSAG is a crucial step towards achieving this aim. 

      The SSAG is made up of individuals who have a keen interest in the appropriate application of seed science. The group has 10 voting members (four specified in the Terms of Reference and six approved by the ECOM) plus two ex officio members (table 1 and figure 1). The six approved members are active applied seed scientists and the ten members have a range of research interests and limited involvement with the commercial development of methods for seed quality evaluation (Research interests, collaborative and commercial links)

      The SSAG is keen to see ISTA being proactive in the development and implementation of ideas for seed quality evaluation that have a sound scientific basis. 
      The group had its first meeting on 13 July 2015 during which the objectives of the group, were discussed and how we would aim to achieve these (July 2015 Minutes).  The Seed Science Advisory Group has three aims:
  1. To provide a link between fundamental research and the use of that research to meet the needs of ISTA members
  2. Appraisal of evidence for techniques/equipment available for use in seed testing laboratories
  3. Respond to requests from ECOM and TCOM Chairs for advice related to scientific issues 
      The way in which these aims will be achieved is outlined in more detail in the document ‘Aims and Objectives of the SSAG’.

      The SSAG members are all active within seed science research and seed technology. However, we are unlikely to be aware of all research with potential for use in seed technology, or of equipment that becomes available for use. We therefore encourage ISTA members and TCOMs to let us know if they become aware any developments that might be of interest to us. As an example, the Moisture Committee informed us about their work examining the use of eRH as an alternative method of determining seed moisture content.

      There may be potential for development from detailed scientific studies but simple observations can also lead to new seed technology applications, so please do not hesitate to contact one of us.  

Updated 19.01.2017 (AM)


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