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Chair Jean-Louis Laffont
Vice Kirk Remund
Member Gabriel Carré
Olfat H. El Bagoury
Mustapha El Yakhlifi
Zhou Fang
Mohamed Hanafi
Bonnie Hong
Winfried Jackisch
Zivan Karaman
Raymond Shillito
If you are involved in statistics in relation to plants you might be interested to join the Statistics Committee. Of course the scope of activity is related to seed testing. This covers wide areas as all technical activities may benefit from statistics (physiology, pathology, vision recognition, inter-laboratory tests, etc...). Teachers in universities or Agricultural high schools, persons involved in the seed industry, researchers in plant breeding, and many others might be interested in our projects.
The work is made on a voluntary basis. Within the committee some projects are under the responsibility of sub-groups; while for other demands members interact individually with colleagues of other committees.
The aim of the statistics committee is to provide help to all other ISTA committees. Nevertheless the exchange between individuals is fruitful "not only for ISTA work", as the questions are usually also of interest in your own job when you collaborate on a given subject.
Updated 04.02.2009 


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