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Chair Stefanie Krämer
Vice Sergio Pasquini
Member Ignacio Aranciaga
Maria Belén Aranguren
Alessandra Arioli
Valerie Blouin
Sharon Davidson
Gary Duffy
José d. Barros Franca-Neto
Soo-Young KIM
Linda Maile
Augusto Martinelli
Tauhid Parvez
Eunhee Soh
B. H. Sunitha
The aim of this introduction is to invite you to join the ISTA Tetrazolium Test Committee as a Member of our Working Groups.
As a Member of an Accredited ISTA Member Laboratory, you could have the possibility  of working as a Member of a Working Group participating in proficiency tests regarding tetrazolium tests, which will allow you to acquire experience in this matter, demonstrate your competence on new species and get in contact with other colleagues who are also interested in sharing their knowledge.  This would allow a joint improvement with open possibilities of:
·           Proposing and working on a new species (still not included in Table 6A of the ISTA Rules) in order to study it.
·           Proposing the method so that a new species (still not included in Table 6A of the ISTA Rules) could be studied.
·           Proposing that a new species already included in Table 6A of the ISTA Rules could be studied again in case you consider the current methodology proposed is not the most adequate.
·           Obtaining an ISTA Diploma (as an acknowledgement to the commitment assumed by every member of a working group).
If you are interested in working with us, please provide the information requested in the PDF at the bottom of this page and send your answer to stefanie.kraemer(at)ltz.bwl.de as soon as possible.
Looking forward to having your valuable support in our ISTA Tetrazolium Committee.
  Tetrazolium Committee Membership Application (11 KB)
Updated 04.02.2009 


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