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Chair Ana Laura Vicario
Vice Daniel Perry
Member Anne Bernole
Marie-Jose Cote
Chiara Delogu
Kae-kang Hwu
Berta Killermann
Keshavulu Kunusoth
Ksenija Markovic
Verena Peterseil
Ksenija Taski-Ajdukovic
Hedwich Teunissen
Elisa Vieira
ISTA's objective for variety verification of species and cultivars is the determination of the extent to which a seed sample conforms to the species or cultivar claimed for it.
The Variety Committee is responsible for the Chapter 8 of the International Rules for Seed Testing dealing with the methods of variety verification. The including of new technologies such as bio-molecular methods for the detection of genetically modified seeds within conventional seed lots was carried out in cooperation with the GMO Task Force.
An important work of the committee at present is an inter-laboratory validation study of DNA markers for the verification of cultivars of high interest such as maize, rice, wheat and soybean.
A challenge for the future is to carry out an inventory on methods for verification of species and cultivars of 'all' existing ISTA and non-ISTA methods. It should provide information about current methods but also identify where methods are needed, e.g. for new species.

Updated 04.02.2009 


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